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  • David Grossman's blog
  • Tony Sharp gets political
    Tony has an interesting take on IC - his blog doesn't just talk about good practice - there's an underlying political edge. I don't agree with everything he says but it makes me think (sometimes!).
  • The Chime Blog
    Thoughts from my colleagues across the Chime Group
  • Competent Communicator
    The work that Sue Dewhurst and I did to define competencies for communicators

  • Wedge at Kilobox
    An always interesting collection
  • Spreading Science
    Explaining the theory behind how the world works - even I can understand it
  • simply-blogging
    Marc, Dan and Kelly -
  • David Ferrabee's Blog
    I love how he writes it
  • Heather Yaxley
    Heather's ideas on PR and stuff

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Might it be possible to measure the level of employee affinity to a company by looking at what employees are saying about their company on-line, and whether it's positive or negative.

There are a number of websites which allow employees to comment, or in some cases post rumours about what's taking place in an organisation.

Some of these are linked to specific professions (e.g. Airline Pilots - in the UK the "Pilots Professional Rumour Network") otheres to speecific companies (Deloitte and Touche used to have one).

In a number of cases, employees look at these more than official intranets - and even if they don't believe everything that's written, the comprise an alternative and sometimes inaccruate source of information. This credibiliy is enhanced if the sites sometimes get it right or break the news before the "official" intranets.

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